Kinetic Green Zing standard EMI Calculator

Kinetic GreenZing Standard EMI starts at ₹5,464 per month for a time period of 12 months at 12 % interest rate for a loan amount of ₹61,500.If you are Looking for a Kinetic GreenZing Standard EMI calculator, try BikeJunction’s bike EMI calculator. Our bike EMI calculator gives you a complete break-up of the total monthly EMI payable for Kinetic GreenZing Standard. You just have to enter the down payment, preferred interest rate and the time period for the loan of Kinetic GreenZing Standard. With our EMI calculator for bikes, electric bikes, and scooters, you can easily calculate the instalments for Kinetic GreenZing Standard after reducing the down payment amount

Kinetic Green Zing standard

Kinetic Green


Zing standard

Down Payment


Bank Interest Rate

10 %

Loan Period (Months)

Per Month

Ex-Showroom Price


Total Loan Amount


Payable Amount


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Frequently asked questions

A. The EMI for Kinetic GreenZing Standard depends on the principal amount, loan amount, loan time period and the interest rate charged by various lenders.

A. The interest rate for Kinetic GreenZing Standard depends on the bank and lending institution. Generally, the interest rate ranges between 9.7% per annum to 15% per annum.

A. The ex-showroom price of Kinetic GreenZing Standard in India is ₹ 71500.

A. For the down payment of 10000 at an interest rate of 12 % and if loan tenure is 12 months, the monthly EMI would be ₹5,464

A. The monthly EMI for Kinetic GreenZing Standard can be calculated with the formula of P x R x (1+R)^N / [(1+R)^N-1. Here, P is the Principal amount of the loan, R is the interest rate, and N is the number of monthly instalments for Kinetic GreenZing Standard.

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